A Facebook Glitch Is Listing Us All As Dead Right Now


Go on Facebook right now and look at your profile. Are you dead? Are we all dead? Is the big joke that we’ve all been dead all week and the presidential election is totally inconsequential? IS THE ELECTION REAL? IS ANY OF THIS REAL?

Seriously, a glitch on Facebook right now is listing people as dead. This writer is dead. All of the Mediaite staff is dead. Look:


It isn’t just us! Look more:

People originally believed only certain groups were being targeted, like journalists or campaign staffers.

The good news is that Facebook seems to be aware of the issue, according to Politico‘s Hadas Gold:

Enjoy being dead while you can because very soon, Facebook will restore us all and we’ll go back to living in the strangest year of all time.

[image: screengrab]

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