A Meme Begins: Murdoch Wife’s Wiki Page Updated To Describe Her ‘Ninja Background’ Following Attack

This morning, the entire planet was glued to their televisions to watch the testimony of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and his son James to the British Parliamentary Committee of Culture, Media and Sport (or, at least, it seems like the entire planet when you follow a ton of media people on Twitter). Everyone knew it was going to be exciting and it was…as long as you consider getting a wide sampling of British and Australian accents “exciting.” And then some guy tried to pie Murdoch in the face only to get punched by the CEO’s wife, Wendi Deng.

Guess which part of the proceedings the Internet is focusing on?

With even one of Murdoch’s most aggressive questioner on the panel, Tom Watson, agreeing that Deng has a strong “left hook,” it’s no surprise that a meme is being born. Our own Alex Alvarez caught the first sign of it on Deng’s Wikipedia page with a strange edit (that was quickly removed):

“Crouching Wendi, Hidden Dragon”? Really?

I understand the Wiki Jokester’s need for speed but is a reference to an 11 year old movie really the best they could do?

Hopefully the inevitable deluge of “Punching Wendi” material and GIFs that will be soon coming down the pipeline will try a little harder.

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