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ABC News Report: Newt Gingrich Will Announce Presidential Bid By Week’s End

Well this should not really come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the GOP political race closely, but ABC News is reporting that Newt Gingrich will officially announce his intention to form a presidential exploratory committee by week’s end. Gingrich currently operates his own PAC from which he publishes books and promotes his right-of-center agenda. He is also a paid analyst for Fox News, a role he will likely have to quit if in fact he runs for office.

Writing for, Jonathan Karl reports:

Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler would only say that the former speaker will make an announcement by the end of the week on forming a presidential exploratory committee. But friends of Gingrich say he has already made up his mind. Gingrich’s travel schedule is already looking like that of a presidential candidate. He will be in Iowa on Mar. 7 and ABC News has learned he will in New Hampshire Mar. 17.

Gingrich’s advisors say his campaign will have a “major presence” in Georgia, which Gingrich represented in Congress for 19 years, though they have not decided yet where his campaign headquarters will be. Gingrich has lived in northern Virginia for years.

He has been preparing and talking openly about a possible run for months.

“2010 was the appetizer. 2012 is the entrée,” Gingrich told an enthusiastic crowd at CPAC earlier this month. He will instantly be a force. He’s tireless, full of ideas and one of the most well-known Republicans in the country. Nearly two decades ago, Gingrich led the last Republican revolution, drafting the “Contract with America” that swept House Republicans into power in 1994.

Gingrich spoke at this years CPAC where he received thunderous applause from the like minded crowd for ridiculing a recent Time magazine cover that compared President Obama to Ronald Reagan, a video of which can be seen below, courtesy of ABC News. (Read the full ABC News report here.)

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