After Big Daily Show Showdown, Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren Defend One Another on Twitter

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-10-36-22-amIn case you weren’t aware, Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren faced off last night on the Daily Show, or, as Lahren said, “in the lion’s den.”

The heir to Jon Stewart‘s throne challenged the conservative firebrand over her controversial segments on topics ranging from Black Lives Matter to Colin Kaepernick‘s protest. The whole thing was done to pop the “bubble” that so many pundits, politicians, and everyday viewers and voters live within on both sides of the aisle and it made for good television, even if they didn’t come away from their sit-down agreeing on much more than they did when they started.

Naturally, their show of good will in speaking to each other instead of maintaining the insular, partisan status quo by shouting their opinions to like-minded viewers of their own individual programs was met with ire. No good deed goes unpunished, etc., etc. The two were on the receiving end of some nasty online comments.

Then, they defended one another!

After this wild election season, isn’t it something to see two people with conflicting viewpoints being kind to one another in public? Could it be that Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah, of all people, blaze the trail of bipartisan unity in America?

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Anyway, enjoy those tweets.

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