After Latest Bombshells, Twitter Users Ponder What #TrumpsLegacyWillBe


Today, there’s been a lot of talk about impeachment.

Well, it really started taking off last night after news broke that former FBI director James Comey might have written a memo about a time when Donald Trump asked him to drop the investigation into Mike Flynn. Comey didn’t do that but he did get fired a few months later and Trump basically admitted it was because he didn’t like the FBI investigating his possible Russian ties.

Now, phrases like “obstruction of justice” and, yes, “impeachment” are floating around.

The Twitterverse, too, is getting in on the action. #TrumpsLegacyWillBe has been trending for some time now thanks to a hashtag game from National Lampoon, Fast Laugh, and Hashtag Zoo.

Let’s take a look.

There were some positive ones thrown in there, too, though the ratio of Trump-bashing to Trump-praising was disproportionate, to say the least.

Most importantly, though, check out this guy who showed up to the party two years early:

Go play!

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