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Amazing Video Shows Police Pulling Over Man Dressed As Batman

Yesterday we got the wonderful video of the world’s best arrested Queen fan and we all thought to ourselves, “Nothing could top this.” I mean, to be better than the guy in that video, you’d have to be more than a man. You’d have to devote yourself to an ideal and become something else entirely — a legend. A Batman. A Batman being pulled over for not showing proper identification.

Yes, the following video pokes a huge hole in the probability of someone driving a Batmobile in real life. A Maryland man was pulled over while driving a black Lamborghini, dressing like Batman, and having no license plate except the famous Bat Signal. Once he explained that he was merely going to entertain kids at a nearby hospital, the police let him go. Commissioner Gordon himself would be proud.

The entire interaction was caught on tape and leaves us with one big question; Would Batman be as popular as he is now if he didn’t have the classy name “Bruce Wayne” but, instead, went by the name of the guy in this video, “Lenny”? Riddle me that, bat fans.

Watch the awesome video below:

(h/t MSNBC)

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