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Amazon Hawking Jerry Sandusky Autobiography ‘Touched’ For $1,111.00 A Copy

Before Jerry Sandusky’s name became synonymous with pedophilia, violation of trust and disgusting criminal acts, he was a top Penn State football coach who in 2001 wrote an autobiography about his career and life unfortunately titled “Touched.”

According to the “editorial description” on Amazon:

“Touched is the story of Jerry Sandusky’s life in his own words. From his childhood to his professional career, this book goes behind the scenes to explore the successes and challenges that Jerry Sandusky has faced in life, both on and off the football field. After graduating from Penn State in 1966, Sandusky went on to coach collegiate football for 34 years. Thirty-two of those years were with Penn State, as the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach under Joe Paterno, until his retirement in 1999. The book also explores Sandusky’s involvement in children’s charities, including the founding of his charity, “Second Mile.”

In the wake of his conviction on 45 counts involving various horrifying violations of trusting and vulnerable children, any reference to his “charity” brings on a severe sense of nausea but the “author description” still up on the site goes further: “Sandusky is the founder of The Second Mile, a charitable foundations that has touched the lives of more than 100,000 children.”

It sure did. While it’s hardly Amazon’s fault that a pedophile wrote a disingenuous tome about his life in 2001, shouldn’t they update the page in the wake of the allegations, and now convictions, for actions that included using that charity to abuse vulnerable children? Maybe more significant, the current price for what is described as a “new” copy is a whopping $623.35 or the lesser one at just $500.00 13 used ones vary in price greatly and can be obtained anywhere from the bargain basement price of $131.79 all the way up to a seller named barbarajelly who wants $1111.00 for an “AUTOGRAPHED” copy even though there is a “bit of dried price sticker goo on back cover” and “coffee drip facing page front.” Two “collectible” items start at $255.95, both of which are also signed by the great Sandusky himself.

Lets be clear, the only reason these books have any value is because of his horrid actions. So Amazon is now (Inadvertently) helping certain unscrupulous sellers (which seem to include book stores, and Amazon’s “Daily Deal”) market a book whose value stems solely from the suffering and pain of children. Who would want actually buy these books, is a separate issue altogether.

But just when the bloodsuckers had eliminated your faith in humanity, the heroic commenters arrive to restore a sense of sanity. With an overall average of 1.6 stars out of 5, the review deemed “most helpful” with 493 comments attached was written by sawdawg101 and titled “No More Touching.” He/she writes: “Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story” will fit nicely in your bookshelf along such classics as “Knifed: The O.J. Simpson Story,” “Fondler: Confessions of a Pedophile,” and “Avoiding Blue Dresses: Sexual Harassment for the Aspiring Politician.”

Most of the comments include, not surprisingly, various attacks on Sandusky as a “child molester,” pervert” and “rapist” and often make reference to the absurdity and irony of the book’s title. Others like Heather Feather “manleyart” went for some dark humor. She wrote:

“Prophetic. An instant classic of unfathomable depths. Tightly packed with behind the scenes moments of intimate collision. A shear monument to literature detailing the powerful, forceful thrusting forward it takes to grab that true goal. This book details all the lost fondles, caressing maneuvers and come from behind cleverness that it takes to reach around the jaws of defeat and come into the annals of greatness.”

Amazingly he still gets some good reviews like this one from “T.rex” out of Los Angeles who wrote last week:

His others deeds notwithstanding (and for the record, i don’t approve of most of it), it must be repeated that the man absolutely revolutionized the game of football. The book really illustrates his genius in defensive schemes on the grid-iron. A must have, for any lover of the game.”

Phew, so relieved he doesn’t approve of “most of it.”

I am guessing that within minutes of this story being published, Amazon will update or even pull the page but if they don’t I’m guessing many of you will have something to say about it.

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