Ana Navarro and Joy Behar Battle Over Franken vs. Moore: ‘You Cannot Cherry Pick Morality!’


CNN contributor Ana Navarro stopped by The View on Tuesday, filling in for Meghan McCain as co-host. And it didn’t take long before she mixed it up with the rest of the panel.

During a discussion about sexual misconduct allegations in politics, Navarro argued that partisanship plays a role in how progressives and conservatives treat various claims .

“You look the other way when it’s your people and you look for every fault when it’s the people against you,” Navarro said. “We’re seeing it plainly on this sexual harassment issue…If you’re a Democrat, a progressive, you don’t want this against [Sen.] Al Franken [D-MN], but you want it against [Alabama GOP Senate candidate] Roy Moore, and you want it against [President] Donald Trump.”

Joy Behar took umbrage with Navarro’s position for, in Behar’s opinion, trying to equate Moore’s alleged child molestation offenses with Franken’s alleged misconduct.

“Ana, stop saying it like that,” Behar said. “Because a child molester is not the same as grabbing somebody and taking a picture, or sticking your tongue down their throat. It’s not the same.”

“No, Joy,” Navarro said. “I think nobody gets a pass.”

Navarro did say she regards Moore’s alleged incidents to be more serious than Franken’s. She then substituted Trump to make the same point.

“What I’m saying is there were people who heard this videotape and saw this videotape of Donald Trump and said ‘It’s locker room talk,'” Navarro said. “And there’s people on the other side who are seeing this picture of Al Franken and saying ‘Oh, it was just a joke, and a juvenile picture taken in jest.’ So we are more likely to excuse the people we want to excuse and not excuse the others. You cannot cherry pick morality and decency!”

“No one is excusing anybody,” Behar replied.

Watch above via ABC.

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