Ana Navarro Mocks Trump For Needing to Have Policy Taught to Him Like a Child: ‘A is For Apple’


Thursday, the Washington Post published the complete transcripts of President Donald Trump‘s January phone calls with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto. Suffice it to say, Ana Navarro was not impressed with either call.

Appearing on Anderson Cooper: 360, Navarro mocked Trump for needing Turnbull to explain policy to him in what she deemed a most elementary fashion.

“You have the prime minister of Australia having to explain policy to him like you teach a 4-year-old how to read,” Navarro said. “A is for apple, B is for boy, C is for cat.”

She added, “The president of the United States was completely ignorant and clueless as to the policy that they were discussing. It was painful for any American to feel embarrassed by the lack of knowledge of this president.”

Then, Navarro turned her attention to the Pena Nieto call. And the CNN analyst blasted Trump for betraying his core supporters by imploring Pena Nieto not to publicly say he won’t pay for the wall because it would harm Trump politically. To Navarro, this is indicative of Trump prioritizing his own approval rating ahead of actually getting a border wall built.

“His base should be feeling very duped today,” Navarro said. “He wasn’t telling the president of Mexico ‘You’ve got to pay for the wall.’ He was saying to him, ‘Shut up. Don’t say you’re not going to pay for the wall because you’re making me look bad.’ It was all about the looks, not the substance.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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