Andrew Breitbart Did Not Run ‘Weinergate’ Evidence Which Turned Out To Be Fake (Update)


Exclusive: Statements From The Underage Participants And Their Parents

Betty’s mother sent me the following statement, in which she describes the events from her point of view, discusses her concerns for the children’s safety, and promises legal action against anyone who publishes identifying information about these two girls:

My husband and I have been made aware of an image that a popular blog is posting of one of my daughter’s classmates. This classmate specifically mentions my daughter by name and this classmate mentions that she can supply another twitter user (a grown man) with Direct Messages from my daughter’s twitter account that were between my daughter and Representative Weiner.

First, no one was ever authorized to speak for my daughter and my husband, myself or my daughter were NOT aware this classmate was interacting with this grown man and speaking for our daughter without her permission and without mine or my husband’s permission.

My husband and I monitor every single moment of our daugther’s internet activity through both parental software and personal monitoring. We see everything – absolutely everything that she says on twitter and everything she does on the internet.

It is true that she did follow Rep. Weiner for a short time when she asked to be followed with his “WEINER YES” hashtag. She asked our permission before sending this tweet and my husband and I could not have been more happy of her admiration of Rep Weiner.

Anyone with teenagers knows that their crushes range from overpaid athletes to teen idols that are photographed partying, drinking and taking drugs. We were proud of our daughter’s interest in politics, as she is studying it in school and her teacher first introduced them to Congress. It was in class that she was made aware of Rep Weiner and she was very excited about learning more about our government. When Rep Weiner followed her back we were all thrilled.

When Rep Weiner followed my daughter the one and only message he sent her was welcoming her to his twitter followers and suggested he go to his website for more information. My husband and I were delighted with this message as it furthered our daughter’s interest in learning about government. We were very grateful to Rep Weiner for this and saw nothing wrong or inappropriate with this message.

This was the one and only message that Rep Weiner sent our daughter. Our daughter sent a message thanking Rep Weiner for following her and thanking him for the welcome message. This was the one and only message our daughter sent to Rep Weiner.

Soon after she was following Rep Weiner, a group of grown men and a few grown woman who described themselves as “concerned mothers” began harassing my daughter. I can assure you, as a mother, I’ve never heard of such disgusting behavior. My daughter, with our permission, responded to these attacks on Rep Weiner following her with grace and maturity – which is something that cannot be said for these “mothers” and their fellow grown men involved in the attack.

These mothers and their grown male friends attacked the intentions and character of Rep Weiner to our daughter and suggested that he was somehow perverse for following her. This disgusted myself and my husband. They were attacking a man, who has done nothing to them and has done nothing wrong.

Ultimately, Rep Weiner had to unfollow our daughter as a favor to her so these attacks would stop. We were sorry that these bullies caused this and we were disgusted to see that even after he unfollowed her, this group of so called mothers and grown men — continued to try and contact my daughter.

As a result, we forced her to shut her twitter account down. Isn’t that a shame? Bullied right off of something she enjoyed.

There are a few popular blogs with an image of these tweets that I referenced earlier in which a classmate inaccurately described herself as a spokesperson for my daughter. This could not be further from the truth. We know this classmate’s parents personally. This young girl is troubled and she was hounded by a couple of members of that pack of harassing grown men and women until one of them got her to agree to follow him so they could send each other direct messages.

From there, this man questioned this young girl and was gleeful over anything that he could find to incriminate Rep Weiner. He goes by the name goatsred. He also tried to contact my daughter and she locked her account when this happened. After she locked her account he continued to send requests to follow her, she refused to allow him to follow her.

This classmate of our daughters is troubled and got caught up in this media frenzy and this grown man, goatsred, took advantage of her youth – she is a minor like my daughter. My husband and I are adamant that the only perverse and inappropriate behavior that has occurred has been shown by this group of mothers and grown men and the media, and liberal and conservative blogs.

My husband and I have seen the attacks in recent days and have been sickened over the so called media and their allegations on Rep Weiner regarding younger girls. This is disgusting and only a perverse mind would be able to concoct such allegations on an innocent man who did nothing but encourage our daughter’s interest in government.

We are also disgusted at the targeted attacks by the so called media and blogs with publishing of pictures, names, tweets of my daughter and other young girls. The media and blogs – both liberal and conservative are high tech bullies. They are bullying our daughter and these other girls. As parents we could not be more disgusted and appalled by this behavior. It is no better than the group of mothers and grown men that attacked these girls for following Rep Weiner.

There is no crime in following a person you admire. There is also no crime for a young girl to say she has a “crush” on a public figure – as we’ve seen the media obsess on with a couple of these girls. If you are a parent of a teen or a young girl, then you know how many “crushes” a teen goes through in a week — sometimes a day. This is normal teen behavior. Any suggestion that it is perverse says more about the perversion of the person making that suggestion than it does about Rep Weiner or the girls.

This must stop. We are appealing to the media and blogs – both liberal and conservative, tabloids, on behalf of all parents of all kids and these girls. This is bullying that you are doing. Publishing their pictures, names. Trying to contact them via social media, looking up their names and contact information, finding out where they live, work, go to school — this is stalking, bullying and harassment on behalf of the so called media and blogs. Please put yourselves in the shoes of a parent, and ask yourselves if you would want that for your daughter or son.

We would also like to express our disgust at the harassment of Rep Weiner and hope that everyone remembers this man did nothing wrong. Look at your own behavior and your own mental hang-ups and ask yourself why you find certain things so perverse — it says more about you than it does about the person you are accusing.

And concerning a certain adult actress, we would like to add that this girl did nothing wrong. If you actually read her blog it is about politics and chronic illness. My husband and I read it together with our daughter. Again, ask yourself what your own personal prejudices and hangups are before you make accusations.

To all members of the media and blogs, both liberal and conservative, if someone were to take a microscope to your life, what would they find? Maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to accuse others if you had the spotlight turned towards you.

I would also like to add, that if this image with my daughter’s name appears or if her name or image appears in print anywhere or the image of her friend, both my husband and I and her classmate’s parents will be taking legal action against all blogs, members of the media that have published this information/images. We advise you to take it down immediately or you will deal with our attorneys.

Betty gave me information over the course of a long string of emails, but she summarized the ordeal in a statement of her own, which also included a plea to be spared further harassment:

I followed Rep. Weiner with the permission of my parents. I sent a request to Rep Weiner using his WEINER YES hashtag and he followed me back. He sent me one welcome direct message that said to visit his webpage. I sent him a message thanking him.

I was so excited because we were learning about politics in school and he is a great hero of mine. This excitement turned to fear when a group of women and men started harassing me for following Rep Weiner and for being followed by him. They said the most terrible things about him.

He was forced to unfollow me so they would stop harassing me. But they did not stop. One man, goatsred – tried to contact me. I locked my account. After I locked my account he tried to follow me and I denied him. My parents made me shut down my account as a result.

Rep Weiner never tried to contact me beyond his welcome message. I never had knowledge or gave my permission to my classmate to speak on my behalf. What she said was completely untrue. There was no truth to any of what she said. I believe she was taken advantage of by this man, goatsred.

Rep Weiner is a good person and it’s so mean what everyone is attacking him without any proof. It’s wrong. The media needs to leave all of us girls alone. You are scaring us. Please stop. We want to be normal kids and lead our lives. Leave us alone, please.

Finally, here’s Veronica’s statement:

I am a classmate of (Betty)’s and we were following each other on twitter. I never followed Rep. Weiner and he never followed me at any time. (Betty) never gave me permission to speak for her. Goatsred contacted me on twitter with a mention @ and he friended me and I friended him back. I feel sorry I did this now. I know that he is not a nice person and I am sorry for lying about (Betty). I never saw any direct messages except the welcome message that (Betty) showed me Rep Weiner sent her. I lied to goatsred because I saw many other girls in the news and I wanted to be famous. I’m very sorry and my mom is punishing me for this. I have no television, internet or phone for the next 6 months. Nothing I told goatsred was true. I’m sorry to everyone for lying and for embarrassing my mom.

When contacted for this story, Mike Stack (aka @Goatsred) declined to comment at this time.

Update: A friend on Twitter reached out to the original author of the Daily Kos diary, who immediately agreed to take down the photo, which has now been removed.

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