Andrew Sullivan Challenges Bill O’Reilly To Debate “Half-Baked Piece Of Nonsense”

There have certainly been a lot of media match-ups lately, what with Jon Stewart‘s ‘rivalry‘ with Glenn Beck, and Bill Maher‘s culture clash with Bill O’Reilly. Now The Atlantic‘s resident blogger Andrew Sullivan wants a piece of the action. Taking issue with a particular “half-baked piece of nonsense” that the “dishonest” O’Reilly uttered, Sullivan is requesting that Fox News let him bring his ‘Daily Dish’ to O’Reilly’s ‘No Spin Zone.’

In one of his posts yesterday, Sullivan took offense with a Talking Points Memo from O’Reilly’s Wednesday night broadcast. He claims that, unlike the “clown” Glenn Beck, O’Reilly is a “propagandist” who distorts the state of the American progressive movement:

Beck is in many ways a clown. But my own sense of him is that he is, at times, a genuine clown, not entirely fake. (I know many disagree, and I cannot judge the man’s soul from a distance, but that’s my hunch.) O’Reilly, meanwhile, is a propagandist – not as bad as Hannity – but dishonest and wrong. … Mr O’Reilly, I know Fox has long had a blanket ban on having me on as a guest, but here’s a challenge: allow me to debate this Talking Points Memo with you, and reveal what a completely half-baked piece of nonsense it was.

I’m not Dee Dee Myers. I am not a progressive. And I think your version of this president is a caricature so unfair it deserves a real thrashing out on air, in public.

If O’Reilly does indeed invite Sullivan onto his program, viewers should expect quite a show, as Sullivan seems eager to engage in a substantial debate with the news anchor whom Jon Stewart has characterized as Fox News’ least crazy. If this showdown happens, we can only hope to see more light and less heat.

Here’s the Talking Points Memo that so irked Sullivan:

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