AP Fact Checks Trump’s Allegation That Hillary Is ‘Original Birther’


Under fire for his refusal to say whether he believes President Barack Obama was born in the United States, Donald Trump went on the offensive against Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, labeling her the “original birther” and declaring, “She’s the one that started that whole thing!”

Trump did not provide any evidence for that claim, but some have pointed to an interview Clinton did with 60 Minutes in 2008 along with a controversial image of Obama her staffers allegedly spread that ended up on The Drudge Report.

Now, the Associated Press has decided to fact check Trump’s claim and came to the conclusion that there is “no clear evidence that Clinton aided birthers.”

Watch the clip from Clinton’s 2008 60 Minutes appearance below, via CBS:

“The charges that Clinton may have played a role in the birther movement may be conflating a vague 2008 comment she made during a television interview about Obama’s faith, as well as political rumors during the 2008 presidential campaign that suggested Clinton’s campaign was stoking concerns about Obama’s birthplace and religion,” the AP’s Stephen Braun reported.

Referring to the 60 Minutes interview, he added, “Some critics later suggested Clinton’s hedging ‘as far as I know’ may have lent credence to those who charged Obama was not born in the U.S. — even though the comment referenced his faith, not his birthplace.”

Clinton herself vehemently denied the connection during a radio interview with Don Lemon Wednesday morning. “That’s so ludicrous, Don. You know, honestly, I just believe— first of all, it’s totally untrue,” the candidate said. As for whether Obama ever confronted her on the issue, she added, “The president and I have never had any confrontation like that.”

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