Ari Fleischer Hits CNN For Not Disclosing Guest as Ex-Comey Staffer (They Did)


Former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer put his foot in his mouth Tuesday when he tried to equate a CNN panel setup with Sean Hannity‘s non-disclosure troubles.

Hannity is still taking a lot of heat after being outed as the mysterious third client from 2017 who was legally advised by Michael Cohen. Since the Fox host sings the praises of Donald Trump practically every minute of every day, his use of services from the president’s embattled personal lawyer has invited questions regarding conflict of interest and his integrity as a media pundit.

Of course, James Comey is the media’s other person of interest for the week. So CNN brought on Josh Campbell — a former spokesman for the ousted FBI director — to discuss Comey’s media blitz.

Fleischer watched Campbell’s appearance on New Day and took a shot of CNN for not disclosing the ex-spokesman’s relationship with Comey after bashing Hannity on the same point.

The thing is…they kinda did. And Fleischer knows it.

Here’s how he tried to explain himself after this self-own:

What do you think? Does Fleischer have a valid point, or is this just nit-picking for a bogus comparison?

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