As Fox / Trump War Rages On, Rupert Murdoch Eggs Bloomberg to Join the Fray


For the past few days, Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch has been sitting back quietly as Donald Trump continues his war with the network by refusing to appear at tomorrow’s debate. Nonetheless, the media giant woke up on Twitter today, where he urged former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to live up to rumors that he will throw his hat in the 2016 race:

Bloomberg has considered running a third party bid multiple times in the past few election cycles, but has never actually gone all the way and entered the ring. Even so, previous reports say that Bloomberg is not pleased with any of the current 2016 candidates right now, and that the billionaire is thinking about whether this will be the time he gets serious.

Murdoch has recently expressed his thoughts on this subject as well, thinking that a third party run has a far greater chance of hurting the left than it does the right.

As of yet, Murdoch has not directly commented on Fox’s renewed fight with Trump, who has launched a multitude of personal insults at Megyn Kelly and is saying he won’t show up due to the network’s so-called unfair treatment of him.

[h/t The Hill]
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