Associated Press Twitter Links CIA Email Hack to Viral Video of Pirate Cat


cia email hack pirate catLook, we get it. Sometimes social media professionals screw up. Sometimes it’s as minor as a single misspelled word in a 800-word blog post, sometimes it’s as big as a tweeted link purporting to be about one thing when it’s really about another. Such was the case for the Associated Press’ @AP_Politics Twitter account, which tweeted out a link to the AP’s story about the alleged hack of CIA Director John Brennan and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson‘s personal email accounts.

The now deleted tweet originally read, “CIA director’s private email hacked? Person claims to have breached account, along with Homeland Security secretary,” then provided a shortened link to what was presumably the AP’s story on the matter. It wasn’t.

ap politics pirate cat tweet sans comments

Instead, it linked to a viral video of a cat wearing a pirate costume for Halloween posted to actor Tyrese Gibson‘s Facebook page last Friday. Hence the classy gentleman pictured at the top of this post.

Despite the mistake, other tweeters begged the AP not to delete the mistake, claiming that it was “phenomenal.”

Sadly, the AP deleted the original tweet, but that didn’t stop everyone from having some fun with the wonderful SNAFU.

#PirateCat2016 or bust.

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