Australian PM is Asked About Country’s Strict Gun Laws in Joint Presser With Trump: ‘We Are Very Satisfied’

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was asked the question we were all waiting for during a joint press conference this afternoon with President Donald Trump.

In response to a query from Gabrielle Morrongiello of the Washington Examiner, Turnbull spoke about Australia’s infamous gun reform laws, which were passed in the 1990s as a reaction to a mass shooting in which more than 30 people died.

As a result of these laws, which included a buy-back program and the implementation of a difficult to acquire “firearm license,” the country has not suffered from a mass shooting in 22 years.

Turnbull, however, was careful not to suggest that America should adopt these same practices.

“Our history with gun control and regulation is obviously very different to the United States,” he said.

“It’s a completely different context historically, legally and so forth. We are very satisfied with our laws. We maintain them. They’re there. They’re well known. You’ve referred to them, but we certainly don’t presume to provide, you know, policy or political advice on that matter here.”

The Australian leader concluded, offering us a “wise deliberation” as we continue our national conversation on gun control.

After Turnbull’s remarks, Trump added “They’re very different countries with very different sets of problems, but I think we’re well on the way to solving that horrible problem that happens far too often in the United States. ”

Watch above, via CNN.

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