Beck: Bundy’s ‘Negro’ Comments Prove How ‘Unhinged’ He Really Is

From the beginning of the Bundy Ranch standoff story, Glenn Beck has not been Cliven Bundy’s biggest supporter. His reluctance to embrace the “violence” of Bundy’s supporters was enough to get Jon Stewart to call him the “voice of reason” compared to Fox’s Sean Hannity.

Now that Bundy has been quoted wondering whether “negros” would be “better off as slaves,” Beck appeared to feel somewhat vindicated on his radio program Thursday morning. If he really believes all of the things he reportedly said about slaves, especially that they had a better “family life” than African-Americans have now, “just that shows you how unhinged from reality this guy is,” Beck said.

“You’ve got to distance yourself,” Beck said to Bundy’s conservative defenders. “You must know who you’re standing next to at all times.”

Later, Beck predicted all of the excuses “the right” will use to dismiss Bundy’s words, including the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has used the word “negro” in the past. As for Bundy’s larger point about the welfare state, Beck said, “You can say that the welfare state enslaves people, but it’s not actual slavery.”

“If that doesn’t end your relationship with him,” Beck said of the “better off as slaves” comment, “you’ve to go back and question where did you go wrong.”

Listen to audio below, via TheBlaze:

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