Ben Carson: I’m Glad Trump Drawing Fire ‘So I Can Get Stuff Done’

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has been quietly running the nation’s housing policy, safely out of the Made in Russia spotlight blasting President Donald Trump’s administration with unwanted scrutiny.

And it appears not everyone has forgotten about Ben Carson — the Washington Examiner had the novel idea to interview the HUD secretary, who revealed he is enjoying being out of the line of fire:

“Let me put it this way,” Carson told the Washington Examiner in an interview on Wednesday, “I’m glad that Trump is drawing all the fire so I can get stuff done.”

The former neurosurgeon — and architect of what is perhaps the greatest moment in the history of U.S. presidential debates — is “the lone Senate-confirmed appointee at HUD as eight other deputy and assistant secretary positions remain vacant.”

Carson had no experience in housing or urban policy when he was nominated by Trump to serve as HUD secretary, but claims he is learning quickly: “There’s no question that I’ve been forced to learn very rapidly a lot of stuff. But that’s okay.”

Though happy to not be involved in the metastasizing Russia controversy hobbling the Trump administration, Carson was quick to defend the White House against criticism:

“I think they’ve done well given the level of frustration. I mean, can you imagine you’ve been elected president and the only thing anyone wants to talk about is Russia? Can you imagine how frustrating that is?”

“People say he’s wild with his tweets and things. I think he’s pretty restrained under the circumstances,” Carson added of Trump.

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