Ben Stein Jumps on Clinton Health Bandwagon: She Looks Like My Mom Who Took Meds For Lupus

Actor and economist Ben Stein may or may not be on the fence over Donald Trump, but during a Monday interview, he appeared to follow the example of the mogul’s campaign during his commentary on Hillary Clinton.

Even though Clinton’s physician says her physical condition is fine, the Trump camp has been latching onto unproven theories over the last few days in order to insist that Clinton is mentally ill and/or on the brink of death. Steve Malzberg invited Stein to comment on these rumors, and Stein diagnosed that there were similarities between the appearance of Clinton’s health, and that of his mother who suffered from Lupus.

“I don’t think she looks well. When you see pictures of her face I hate to say this my poor dear mother had Lupus and she was taking powerful hydrocortisone and Mrs. Clinton looks to me like she’s taking hydrocortisone.”

Stein conceded that he’s no doctor, but he said that if Clinton’s going to keep insisting on the release of Trump’s tax returns, she ought to release her medical records.

Clinton’s team shot back at the rumors recently, and she herself made fun of them last night during her appearance with Jimmy Kimmel.

Watch above, via NewsmaxTV.

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