Bernie Sanders: Private Health Insurance Premiums Would Be ‘Gone’ Under My Plan


During his interview with the Breakfast Club on Monday, presidential candidate and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said under his Medicare for All plan, private insurance premiums would be gone.

“It seems like politicians they say what everybody wants to hear, ‘Free tuition, lower taxes legalized marijuana.’ What’s the plan, how are we gonna get free tuition,” DJ Envy asked.

“I don’t say lower taxes,” Sander interjected.

“How are we gonna do healthcare for all, how? How are we gonna implement those plans,” DJ Envy pressed.

Sanders said Americans are spending almost twice as much per capita for healthcare than those in other developed countries.

“Now when you come and you visit me in Burlington, Vermont, if you go fifty miles north of where I live, you’re in Quebec, Canada,” Sanders said. “They guarantee in Canada…God forbid somebody comes down with cancer, right? You go through all the surgery, all the chemotherapy, you know how much you pay for that in Canada?”

“Well it’s not free, it’s paid for the same way we pay for public education. You don’t come out with a nickel bill. I think that’s the right thing,” Sanders continued.

The self-proclaimed Democratic socialist said Canada’s healthcare system doesn’t have the “waste and bureaucracy” as we do in the United States and he will probably raise taxes to pay for the medicare for all.

“I’m doing all away with all of your of health insurance premiums,” he added. “I don’t know where you get your healthcare from. Somebody is paying for it. Somebody is paying BlueCross or United Health, that’s gone.”

Watch above, via the Breakfast Club.

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