Critics Slam Michael Jackson Fans in Response to HBO Documentary: Stop Making Excuses for a ‘Pedophile’

Following HBO’s release of Leaving Neverland the heart-wrenching documentary on the life of Michael Jackson and the allegations of pedophilia surrounding the late singer, a feud has broken out online as fans and critics disputed Jackson’s legacy.

Yashar Ali, a prominent journalist and social media influencer, was among those slamming Jackson’s fans who were defending his actions.

“A GROWN MAN DOES NOT HAVE FRIENDSHIPS WITH KIDS WHERE HE GOES TO THEIR HOMES LIKE HE’S ONE OF THEIR PALS AND HAS SLEEPOVERS AND SHIT WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE GET THIS,” an exasperated Ali tweeted at fans who insisted the HBO documentary was simply framing Jackson for money.

“…it is WILD TO ME that anyone thought his behavior around and constant contact with young boys was remotely okay,” tweeted journalist Jamelle Bouie. Others, such as writer Peter Sagal, mused how some of Jackson’s fans would defend his sexual relations with children before defending President Donald Trump‘s locker room talk about women.

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