Bill de Blasio Gets Called Out for ‘Clearly Suggesting’ Amazon Bailed on NYC Because of Jeff Bezos Affair


Did New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio suggest that Amazon bailed on their plans to build new headquarters in New York because of CEO Jeff Bezos‘s affair?

The Morning Joe crew certainly thought so on Friday morning, when de Blasio appeared on set. As part of a discussion on Amazon abandoning the Big Apple, the mayor coyly referred to “unusual” circumstances with the company.

“I think we could all say that unusual things were happening within the Amazon family at that moment in time,” de Blasio said. “And that was said politely. There was clearly some unusual factors happening. We know who the ultimate decision maker is.”

“You think his affair had something to do with it?” Donny Deutsch asked.

“I only am saying it was an unusual environment,” de Blasio replied.

That comment piqued Willie Geist’s curiosity. Several moments later, he pressed the mayor.

“You floated something out that we’ve got to pin you down on. You believe Jeff Bezos’s affair –” Geist said.

“I didn’t say that,” de Blasio said, interjecting.

“What are you suggesting?” Geist asked.

“I said it was an unusual environment, meaning there was a lot of cross pressures, there was a lot of things going on,” de Blasio said.

“Like what?” Geist said.

“You’re going to figure it out yourself,” de Blasio said.

“I think I have figured it out,” Geist replied.

Nonetheless, the Morning Joe co-host gave it one more shot at the end of the segment.

“You believe that part of the reason, perhaps, this deal unraveled is because of what was happening internally at Amazon with the CEO,” Geist said.

“There was a lot of turmoil,” the mayor said. “Let’s just put it like that.”

“The turmoil was an affair that the CEO had,” Geist said.

“Over many things, over many things,” de Blasio said. “And a decision was made in a very arbitrary fashion.”

“But Mr. Mayor, you clearly are suggesting that,” said Deutsch.

“I’ve just said what I’ve said,” de Blasio replied.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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