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Bill O’Reilly Argues With Glenn Beck Over 2012 Candidates: GOP Ideologues Just As Bad

Last night, Glenn Beck-buddy and facial hair enemy Bill O’Reilly dropped by GBTV studios to promote his new book. There, during a conversation on the 2012 candidates, he and Beck came at odds over what they want their next president to be. After O’Reilly criticized Rick Santorum as “an ideologue,” Beck asked what was wrong with an ideology. O’Reilly said he didn’t want an ideologue from any side, a comment that Beck disagreed with strongly.

The debate came after O’Reilly had dismissed Herman Cain as not knowing enough and said he wasn’t sure about Rick Perry since he hadn’t yet undergone the most important of candidate tests (going on the Factor, duh). And, while Beck had questioned a few things his friend had said so far, it was on the ideologue argument that they really differed.

O’Reilly pragmatically set forth the premise that we needed a problem solver now while Beck, the man of strong religious faith, asked how anyone could solve any problems without an ideology to govern their actions.

It’s an old argument that those on both sides of the aisle have constantly but it’s always interesting to debate (even if this one dovetailed into silly accusations that Barack Obama isn’t a capitalist).

The one question left after all was said and done is, after watching Beck play to his crowd and Jon Stewart do victory dances for his, don’t you think Bill O’Reilly’s starting to wonder about getting a studio audience of his own?

Side note: the split screen thing that I questioned when Beck’s new show premiered makes so much more sense in one on one interviews, especially those that are more conversational and argumentative. In my opinion, they should hold it only for moments like this.

Watch the clip from GBTV below:

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