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Bill O’Reilly Really Hates NBC…But Does He Love Comcast?

It’s not exactly breaking news to say that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like NBC. He’s made quite a few allegations about their news programs in the past and has caused them so much grief that a General Electric chief executive joked that O’Reilly might have made them sell NBCU. So, when O’Reilly started in on another anti-NBC rant last night, viewers could have settled in for just another bit of the same ol’, same ol’. However, the folks at the Atlantic Wire noticed that things got a little weird when O’Reilly paused his monologue to give a plug for NBC’s new owners Comcast, whom he called an “honest corporation” that could turn the company around. Video of the strange comment is below.

As the Atlantic Wire pointed out, few people have such nice things to say about Comcast. In fact, it had the country’s worst customer service rating in both 2004 and 2007. So why would O’Reilly go out of his way to compliment them? We looked into finding a connection between the anchor and the cable company (if only we could just check the common friends on their Facebook pages!) and may have found the origins of O’Reilly’s Comcast camaraderie.

In 2008, Barry Nolan, an anchorman for the Comcast owned CN8 tried to start a protest of O’Reilly after the New England chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which he was a member of, decided to present its Governor’s Award to the Fox News anchor. Nolan began handing out leaflets with inflammatory quotes from O’Reilly at the event in an attempt to drum up anti-Factor sentiment. Comcast then promptly fired Nolan, a move which must have earned some amount of respect and gratitude from O’Reilly.

Was that what caused O’Reilly to make to make his comments last night or is there a much more sinister connection. Personally, we hope for the latter because sinister connections always make more interesting posts. In any case, with O’Reilly’s endorsement and the three-way WiFi deal yesterday, perhaps public opinion about the cable giant is going to swing upwards. Maybe they can even hope for second worst customer service rating in 2010!

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