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Birthers, Rejoice! Arizona Senate Passes Bill That May Keep Obama Off Its Ballot

Well, now: The Arizona Senate has passed a bill that would very likely keep President Obama off the state’s ballot for the 2012 election. The bill still awaits the Arizona House’s approval and the state Governor, but, if passed, would require that each and every presidential candidate have a certified copy of his or her long form birth certificate, including that names of the candidate’s father and mother and enough information to “determine the citizenship of both parents.” Also required: The name of the hospital in which the candidate was born, the name of the attending physician (if there was one) and the signatures of any others who witnessed the birth.

The bill echoes the desires of the “birther” movement – which calls for President Obama to show proof that he was born on U.S. soil – and potential candidate Donald Trump, who has repeatedly called on the President to produce a birth certificate.

In fact, so far Trump is the only potential candidate who would qualify to appear on Arizona’s ballot. Trump recently met with the bill’s author, Representative Carl Seel to discuss this very “HB 2177” bill.

h/t Slate via Alan Colmes’ Liberaland

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