Blogger’s Got Talent? In Egg-Filled Irony, Ethics Alarms Gets CNN Hosts Wrong

One could say (and one did) that Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan got off the rough start on their CNN morning show on Monday.

Except that… their show hasn’t even debuted yet.

That little factoid still didn’t stop the blog Ethics Alarms from slamming Cuomo and Bolduan—who don’t launch their new morning program, New Day, until June 17—for “them” taking a sympathetic position on behalf of a losing contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. The whole controversy happened after said contestant threw several eggs at co-host Simon Cowell following the usual unfiltered and unfavorable review from the 53-year-old judge. CNN, seeing decent video for a kicker (the happy/quirky/funny story to end a news block to make transitions easier for the hosts), ran the video and the anchors (not Cuomo and Bolduan) sided with the contestant for taking on Cowell.

Upon the author of the piece (Jack Marshall) realizing his ID error (because, you know…Cuomo wasn’t a host of 20/20 or a newsreader on Good Morning America for years and therefore isn’t remotely recognizable), he issued this hilarious pseudo-correction:

Update, correction, and a mystery: When I wrote this post, the designated Dunces were identified as Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan, the new kids on the CNN block. I thought I verified that on CNN’s site, but a helpful reader tells me that Cuomo and Bolduan haven’t debuted yet. So now which CNN anchors it was who egged on the egger is in doubt. Thus, on this day, June 11, I changed the post. If someone knows who the pair was I watched before Carol Costello made her always unwelcome entrance, I will identify the real dunces. For now, I’ll just apologize to Chris and Kate.]

In an effort to assist Mr. Marshall, I present a new tool called the Google Machine. It allows anyone with internet access to search for all sorts of stuff online, including transcripts of cable news shows. In this case, simply by using search terms “CNN + Early Start + Transcript + June 10” it provides not only the anchors’ names needed (in this case, John Berman and Christine Romans) but everything said on the show.


Mystery solved.

In the meantime, Jack…grab yourself a damp towel.

Like Cowell, you’ve got egg all over your face.

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