Breitbart Editor Calls Parkland Survivors ’17-Year-Old Pawns,’ ‘Human Shields’ for CNN


Breibart editor Alex Marlow said on Breitbart News Daily Tuesday that the young Parkland survivors who are fighting for gun reform might need to be put in their place.

Charlie Hurt, opinion editor for The Washington Times, said that the efforts of the survivors are “sophomoric,” which he did “not mean as an insult.” Marlow was quick to say that his desire to do less than laud the young activists is not to be condemned.

“You’re trying to be polite and this is the debate we’re having right now, which is that most people calling on the show are whether or not we should be polite to these 17-year-old pawns, these human shields for CNN and Jeff Zucker’s agenda, or whether or not we should rip them a new one,” he said.

“My real-life godfather, and senior writer for Breitbart News John Nolte, he’s fed up with it,” Marlow continued. “He’s saying that ‘Hey, if these kids are going to go out there, I’m going to pop them on the behind if they have to,’ and it’s hard to debate with them.”

“Being polite is a huge disadvantage in any sort of debate like this,” Hurt agreed. “I think that this is somewhat of a tempest in a teacup… there’s a reason that every time politicians try to do something… why it is that you have this kind of collapse of the government to protect the people. The first reaction of some people is to go out and ban one of the most popular tools people use to protect themselves. It’s monstrously arrogant.”

Listen above, via Right Wing Watch.

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