Brent Musburger: Keith Olbermann ‘Should Get Off That Soapbox’ and Talk Sports Instead of Politics


Sports broadcasting icon Brent Musburger is hanging up his mic next week after a storied career spanning more than four decades at the national level. (He’s spent the past 27 years with ABC/ESPN, and 15 before that with CBS.)

To commemorate his retirement, Musburger stopped by The Dan Patrick Show to reflect on his career. At least, that was the plan. Instead, Musburger wanted to ask host Dan Patrick about his former ESPN SportsCenter partner Keith Olbermann, and his transition from sports broadcasting to progressive political commentator.

“When did Keith Olbermann become this progressive?…I looked at Olbermann and he’s calling for President to resign a week in. What’s going on with this guy?”

Musburger — who recently faced criticism for his comments supporting University of Oklahoma football player Joe Mixon, who was suspended for a year in 2014 for punching a woman — told Patrick he preferred to hear Olbermann talk baseball.

“I wanna know how many games the Cubs are gonna win next year, and he’s out there calling for Mr. Trump to resign,” Musburger said. “When did this happen?”

The answer is that it happened in the late 90s. Olbermann, who currently hosts a web show called The Resistance for GQ, became a prominent liberal voice soon after leaving ESPN in 1997. He’s since dabbled in sports with NBC and Fox Sports (in addition to a return engagement with ESPN). Musburger would like to see him go that route full-time.

“We all know that he’s a deep thinker, especially about baseball. He should get off that soapbox of his, and get back to where we enjoy him. I’d love to listen to him talk baseball.”

Watch above, via NBC Sports.

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