comScore Bristol Palin: Erickson and Fox Are Part of the Hypocritical ‘Outrage Industry’

Bristol Palin: Erickson and Fox Are Part of the Hypocritical ‘Outrage Industry’

bristol palinBristol Palin slammed Fox News and Erick Erickson in her blog on Monday, saying that she was furious with the reactions Donald Trump has been seeing ever since the Republican debate.

“I used to use this blog to point out how liberals use the ‘outrage industry’ to manipulate people and keep their power. Now Republicans are just as bad,” Palin wrote.

Palin insisted that she does not agree with Trump on every position of his, but said that the debate questions and Erickson’s disinvitation from the RedState gathering were proof that both were playing to the “politics of outrage.”

Throughout the post, Palin blasted Fox’s focus on “sexism and decency” as a way to distract viewers from a chance to learn about how the candidates feel about other issues. “I considered it an exploitation of the process,” Palin wrote. “[The debate] is supposed to inform the American people. Not gotcha questions, not gossip… I think the American people are owed an apology.”

Palin also took the opportunity to blast Fox for taking this approach after the treatment her mother received in the past. Palin brought up disparaging comments made about her mother by Chris Wallace and Roger Ailes, while also saying that with what Erickson has said in the past, he is in no position to teach her “lessons in sexual and political decency.”

“Fox and Erickson need to get off their high horse on how outraged they are NOW about sexism and decency,” Palin concluded. “Let’s focus on winning the election, not winning accolades from The New York Times.”

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