BuzzFeed Displays Office Art From Your Favorite Media Outlets… Like Mediaite!

Every once in a while, BuzzFeed — aggregator of all that is fun, weird and puppy-related on the web — will offer its readers a peek into the offices of various media outlets. This time around, they’re showing off various pieces of art work from the likes of Playboy, Red Eye, Nickelodeon… and Mediaite!

Some of the highlights, for us, included learning that there is such a thing as an HLN Prime News “baby factory,” because “most ladies who start here end up getting pregnant quickly,” discovering that Thrillist has a rug in the likeness of its executive editor (it’s now only a matter time before our managing editor, Colby Hall, commissions a foosball table featuring nothing but little Colbys), and getting a glimpse of College Humor’s truly awe-inspiring replica of Olmec from 90s classic Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Another observation: Lots of offices seem to have pictures, sketches or statues of nekked folks. We at Mediaite prefer to have wholesome, all-ages, dancey sort of fun, usually while eating jalapeño-flavored pretzel bites. (True fact.) Indeed, that’s a picture of our office’s “Hokey-Pokey How-To” painting above.

I mean, you guys:

Can you imagine stumbling up against those on your way back from the bathroom?

For more, head on over to BuzzFeed. And tell us which office holds your favorite piece of art.

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