BuzzFeed Week In Review: Why Hipster Is Such A Powerful Word


You’re probably really tired of hearing the word “hipster” by now. Or you might not be. Hipster has become a catch-all insult used not to describe any specific niche of people, but wide ranges of young, active, thrifty city-dwellers. The term has been applied to the fashion-conscious and the fashion-impaired, the elitists and the poseurs.

Using Google Insights, we measured the regional interest in the term “hipster” and found Minnesota at the top of the list, just ahead of New York and Portland, OR. The data revealed this was because of the popularity of one website —” — a Twin Cities based guide to the best bar specials catering to young, frugal, active, mostly liberal people looking for deals in a city that values the arts above all else. We knew immediately what we were looking at: The most hipster state in the U.S.


In a few short days, the article was Liked on Facebook over 40,000 times, viewed over 200,000 times, and talked about by USA Today, Perez Hilton, and scores of other sites.The reason the article was so compelling is because of how divisive the term hipster is: people love to hate it, and hate to be called it. When City Pages asked their users whether being a hipster was a good or bad thing, the results were a near perfect 50/50 split. (But I stand by the fact that a Hipster is really a Brooklynite who wishes they were from Minnesota. Don’t like it? Come at me, bro.)

Here are some more viral hits from the week:

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