Capitol Reflecting Pool Gets Duck Ramp (And It’s Cute!)


Let’s take a second out from chatting about Russia and whether Donald Trump colluded with them or leaked them sensitive classified information.

What we can focus on right now, in this moment, is the new duck ramp at the Capitol Reflecting Pool!

According to Roll Call, the ducks of D.C. love the Reflecting Pool, but it was hazardous for them up until very recently, when the Architect of the Capitol installed a ramp just for them. The Architect of the Capitol’s official website even released a note about it. Here’s the historical background and cute ducky backstory you need from that:

The Capitol Reflecting Pool was designed to serve as a counterpoint to the one at the western end of the National Mall, between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Since its completion, the Capitol Reflecting Pool has been a popular attraction – for ducks and humans! The broad gently sloped limestone coping of the pool, however, has an unintended side-effect for our feathered-friends. Some ducklings have trouble climbing out of the pool or returning to it once out of the water.

Now look at the ramp in action!

Is your heart melting yet or what?

If it is, you will be sad to learn that at least one elected official has — somehow — found a way to be mad about the duck ramp.

Duck apologists are out in full force to defend D.C.’s finest.

Anyway, even the online battle over the duck ramp is a welcome bit of e-respite, so enjoy it while you can. Surely, more news is on its way out of the White House at any moment.

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