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Carl Paladino Tells Alan Colmes Sending Bestiality Emails is Only Human

There’s a lot to love about Alan Colmes‘ wide-ranging interview with trainwreck Tea Party candidate for NY governor Carl Paladino, as Colmes grills Paladino about the bizarre arc of his adultery accusations against opponent Andrew Cuomo, and tries to nail down whether Paladino plans to prosecute Cuomo.

However, there’s one particularly curious turn of phrase that best sums up the candidate’s anti-competence. Pressed by Colmes about forwarding racist and pornographic emails, some of which featured bestiality videos, Paladino exasperatedly declared, “I’m human.”

When asked whether he found the racist emails funny, Paladino wouldn’t say. “Whether there was humor or not,” he replied,”was irrelevant to me.”

In his own defense, Paladino raises his apology, which was weak even by today’s “I’m sorry you’re such a baby” standards:

To any of the ladies I’ve offended, I apologize. I say this to the men out there who have never opened a graphic image on the Internet: Don’t vote for me. For those who have, I welcome your vote.

Colmes also treats us to the bizarre spectacle of Paladino’s continuing attempt to weasel out of adultery accusations he leveled against Cuomo, and extracts a promise that he’ll prosecute Cuomo, followed by a walkback. Although Cuomo has a comfortable lead in polls, this interview will definitely make you wonder what’s going on with 40% of New York voters:

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