Deepak Chopra Thinks Trump is Emotionally Retarded: ‘Maybe He’s Mentally Retarded Too’


Looks like New Age philosophers and meditative yoga enthusiasts are yet another set of demographics that Donald Trump has lost with his incendiary antics.

Dr. Deepak Chopra appeared for an interview on Alan Colmes‘ radio show, where he was asked for his thoughts about how the presumptive GOP nominee has transformed America’s collective consciousness. Chopra ended up getting uncharacteristically harsh with his assessment, saying that Trump has warped America’s psyche by implicitly allowing people to shrug off social norms and show the worst parts of their nature.

“He represents the racist, the bigot, the one who’s prejudiced, the one who is full of fear and hatred, the one who represents emotional retardation of a three-year old,” Chopra said. “And yet he’s so popular because he’s given permission to our collective psyche to express their darkest demons.”

Chopra reprimanded himself for using words he said he would never use in any other situation, but then he pointed out that that is exactly the kind of effect Trump has had across the country. The doctor proceeded to bash Trump for his policy proposals and repeated flip-flops, but his condemnations largely focused on Trump’s propensity to be short-tempered, belligerent, and fueling the flames of racial tension.

“Maybe I was too kind when I said he was emotionally retarded,” Chopra said, “Maybe he’s mentally retarded too.”

Listen above, via Fox.

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