Cenk Uygur Defends Tucker Carlson Over Advertiser Boycott: ‘Let the Audience Make That Decision’


Tucker Carlson has found an unlikely supporter amidst the sturm and drang around his show:  The Young Turks host and champion of the “fighting left” Cenk Ugyur.

The Fox News primetime host finds himself losing advertising support over what many see as inflammatory comments on America’s complex immigration problems. At least fifteen advertisers have pulled their spots after Carlson claimed on his primetime show last week that immigration “makes our own country poor and dirtier and more divided.”

But Uygur believes that a social media-fueled advertiser boycott is the not the way to go.

“We all have to work harder to address the root causes instead of trying to put a band-aid on it by banning things,” Cenk Uygur said on The Young Turks Tuesday evening.  “I think as odious as Tucker Carlson’s comments are, he gets to make that and we get to make the counterargument. It’s not a First Amendment issue…” Uygur explained, pointing out that advertisers influencing commentary, “shuts down all conversation in the country.”

Co-host Ana Kasparian disagreed, “In the case of Tucker Carlson, it’s an extreme example because his rhetoric has real consequences,” before adding, “I’m tired of advertisers being the gatekeepers of what is and is not appropriate on news shows.”

Uygur explained he believes in a “Marketplace of ideas,” citing past defenses of allowing Ben Shapiro and others speak on college campuses and instead, “let the audience make that decision.”

Despite a different take on the ad boycott, Uygur and Kasparian did agree on their criticism for how Carlson described immigrants and for trying to pin the country’s division on them.

“He used the words ‘poorer,’ ‘dirtier,’ and ‘more divided,’ It’s funny because it’s people like him who actually divide the country through his rhetoric,” Kasparian said.

“And by the way, also make the country poorer by insisting on tax cuts for the rich and corporations that actually rob us…” Uygur responded.

“Tucker, that’s what you do every single night, is divide the country,” Uygur pointed out in reference to Carlson insisting immigrants divide the country, “…and then you turn around and you blame immigrants for it.”

Uygur then criticized Carlson for using the word, ‘dirtier,’ about immigrants and said, “It’s in a teleprompter. It wasn’t off the cuff. We’re unscripted and we get passionate sometimes. He wrote that down and then read it, ‘dirtier.'”

“He’s using this as a way of slandering migrants,” Kasparian said.

Watch the segment above courtesy of The Young Turks.


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