Cheri Jacobus Says Jeanine Pirro ‘Should Have’ Been Sent to Prison With Her Husband


Political consultant Cheri Jacobus believes that Fox News host Jeanine “Judge” Pirro should have gone to jail for tax fraud after her ex-husband Albert J. Pirro Jr. was hit with an income-tax fraud conviction in 2000 — costing him nearly a year behind bars.

Jacobus, who recently made headlines after Donald Trump called her a “real dummy” and a “major loser” on Twitter, slammed Pirro in response to the pundit calling for the imprisonment of the FBI officials who mocked the president in text messages.

“Pirro’s husband went to prison for tax fraud and she should have, too. She signed the fraudulent tax returns, then claimed she didn’t know they were fraudulent. She was DA at the time,” tweeted Jacobus.

While the couple officially split in 2013, they had years of scandal in the public eye. As reported by Gawker, Pirro was tied-to a wiretapping scandal during her days as district attorney in Westchester, New York:

“Turns out that while she was still in office, she secretly recorded her on-the-job conversations, one of which suggests that she ‘failed to disclose evidence that could have helped a man whom Ms. Pirro subsequently charged with murder.’ Oh, also, she asked an investigator to destroy them.”

Additionally, Pirro may have almost been taken away in cuffs on another occasion after she was pulled-over late last year for going 119 in a 65 MPH zone.

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