Chinese Ruling Party Calls U.S. Corrupt by Citing House of Cards

The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Chinese Communist Party put out an article today about how the U.S. political system is hopelessly, unbelievably corrupt. And what did they cite? None other than House of Cards. Yes, if Chinese opinions of American politicians have dimmed in the past year, it’s all thanks to Frank Underwood.

If you’ve watched season two of the hit Netflix show, you’ll recall that dealings with China become a major source of conflict between the characters. And there have been plenty of articles in the past few months about how House of Cards has found a huge Chinese audience. So, of course, they’re drawing all sorts of conclusions about American government from the show.

Here’s a part of the article just to give you some idea of what the Communist Party is getting at (via Google translation):

“Western developed countries in the international community has been ‘clean state’ itself, however, ‘American Gangster,’ ‘house of cards’ and other corruption-related topics for many Chinese American TV viewers by surprise: that money, power trading, power and sex episode transaction is that true? America really so corrupt it? In fact, delve into it, you will find the United States and other Western countries corruption is still widespread, not as they are advertised so clean.”

And there’s a still from the show with the following caption:

There’s only one way to remedy this: we need China to start watching Veep. Stat.

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