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Chris Crocker Goes After ‘Tammy’ Lahren For Calling Everyone ‘Snowflakes’ All the Time

We know we already did one post on Chris Crocker‘s next-level video Twitter trolling today, but he just went after Tomi Lahren. Enough said.

Though Lahren got a tiny shoutout in today’s other big video, Crocker decided to level a full one at her to take her to task for referring to just about everyone she disagrees with as a “snowflake,” including Meryl Streep. That term has gotten really popular among certain groups of conservatives, many of whom seem to think that calling someone unique and sensitive is tantamount to signing their death certificate.

Calling her Tammy in a nod to the now-infamous (and probably intentional) name flub on Wale‘s latest track, he told her, “You literally get paid to sit on camera — I’m assuming you get paid; otherwise, I don’t know why you do it — to sit on a desk behind a camera and complain about other people’s thoughts all day long.”

He noted that at least when he was crying over Britney Spears, he was doing it to promote an anti-bullying initiative.

“You just complain to complain, so who is really the snowflake?” he wondered.

Watch above.

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