Chris Cuomo Responds in Real Time After Getting Ripped on Twitter by Trump Over ‘FAKE NEWS’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo returned fire after President Donald Trump accused the New Day anchor of spreading “fake news.”

Earlier on CNN New Day, Cuomo spoke with Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, and they discussed how Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was not happy with Trump’s recent slams against a federal judge. Gorsuch’s remarks were confirmed by his spokesman but that didn’t stop Trump from heading to Twitter to accuse Blumenthal of misrepresenting Gorsuch’s statements and his war record.

Soon afterwards, Trump hammered Cuomo by once again accusing the network of propagating “fake news”:

During a discussion with David Gregory, Cuomo took notice of this, and he immediately proved that he did bring up Blumenthal’s previous misrepresentation. Cuomo went on to say that Trump is “once again off on the facts” and is engaging his tendency to double down whenever he’s proven wrong.

As the conversation continued, Cuomo said that due to Trump’s accusation against him personally, Cuomo had no other choice but to call out the president for distorting the record.

“When he intentionally and deceptively misrepresents what happens on the show and calls me out in doing so, he kind of forces the hand of the show,” Cuomo said.

After the segment ended, Cuomo got on his own Twitter account and continued to engage his followers on the subject:

CNN also offered an official response to Trump:

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