Christine O’Donnell Still Around, Releasing Memoir Next Year

Are you a conservative firebrand with whom the media has been strangely obsessed? Then you could probably get an agent. Thanks to a new book deal with St. Martin’s Press, Christine O’Donnell is joining Rand Paul and Tim Pawlenty in the company of Republicans releasing books next year. Her contribution to the GOP’s literary flurry of pre-election year titles will explore her 2010 Senate campaign, because people haven’t read enough about that yet.

But, as she said in a statement, the Christine O’Donnell saga is far from over:

The 2010 midterm elections were just the beginning—the first rumblings of a revolution that has not fully erupted. I plan on making my book one of the revolution’s catalysts.

The as-of-yet untitled book is set to be released in August 2011 and, as reported by Galleycat, aims to “embody O’Donnell’s identification with America’s frustrations and concerns with the current political climate.” BusinessInsider notes that there’s still no indication of how much St. Martin’s Press is paying for O’Donnell’s embodiment. Or, for that matter, whether the Oxford graduate visitor will be enlisting a cowriter, but it probably won’t be the guy who ghostwrote Hulk Hogan‘s memoir—he’s already been claimed by Pawlenty. (h/t Business Insider)

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