Sen. Chuck Grassley Pleads Trump in Bizarre Tweet: ‘U Can’t Let’ Don McGahn Leave White House


Sen. Chuck Grassley, head of the Judiciary Committee, just oddly implored President Donald Trump to keep White House Counsel Don McGahn on staff, after the president had already announced his departure.

“I hope it’s not true McGahn is leaving WhiteHouse Counsel,” the Iowa Republican wrote. “U can’t let that happen”.

Trump tweeted this morning that McGahn would be leaving his position in the fall:

It was reported earlier this month that McGahn had been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller, which may have something to do with his departure from the White House.

Why Grassley would want McGahn to stay – and why he would say so publicly – is unknown.

Politico’s Jake Sherman has a theory:

UPDATE 12:06 PM: Grassley spokesman George Hartmann told Daily Beast reporter Andrew Desiderio that the senator felt McGahn was vital to Trump’s “record-breaking success on filling judicial vacancies”:

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