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Chuck Norris Hates ‘Secular and Progressive’ Public Schools

The other day, Chuck Norris learned about the case of Andrew Lampart, an 18-year-old high school student who learned that his school web filters wouldn’t let him visit conservative sites — the sites for the National Rifle Association, the Vatican, even the official Republican Party site — but would let him visit blatantly liberal sites, like Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party sites.

This enraged Chuck Norris, who is good at being outraged. “There’s no surprise or mystery here. The problem is not the software but those programming it,” he wrote at Town Hall.

“As long as you have liberal-minded architects across the spectrum who only want to steer kids in their own particular secular and progressive direction, changing Internet filters all day long isn’t going to change the educational outcome; students will be prohibited from conservative education. Website accessibility is no different from choosing textbooks or instructors in classes; if liberals are in control, liberalism is the education.”

Quoting Thomas Jefferson and Leo Bloom, Norris then went on to lambast The Closing Of The American Mind. “Regardless of whether our views define truth and reality, an open education is about presenting every side of the coin — no matter how ignorant or idiotic we believe another’s views are or appear to be,” he said, adding that “teaching about ‘intelligent design’ and religion should be an integral part of every curriculum.”

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