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CIA Torture Report Is Now an Amazon Bestseller

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s interrogation techniques is brutal, sickening, and, by the way, available for free via their website. But somehow, the Kindle version of the report is now a bestselling book on Amazon. (We dunno, maybe people were looking for some light reading? Nothing kills time during a long commute like graphic descriptions of rectal feeding.)

The recently-declassified report, which details practices best described as torture, shot to the top of Amazon’s “Intelligence & Espionage” section, beating Glenn Greenwald‘s book about the Snowden files, James Risen‘s book on the war on terror, and an Ian Fleming novel.

Also for sale on Amazon are four paperback copies of the report (ranging from $18.99 + free shipping, to an astonishing $99 + $3.99 shipping costs), as well as part two of the report. Yes, there is a part two.

(We would also like to remind people that the torture report is available here for the price of free-ninety-nine.)

But the best part of having a bestseller on Amazon is the treasure trove of reviews — the beating pulse of the populace, where we can truly gauge how the America people feel about the findings of the torture report. So far, it has three stars out of five, with some reviewers praising the book (“American history at it’s best… happening live”), and others slamming the content with scathing one-star reviews such as this one:

Ugh, buzzkill.

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[Image via Senate Intelligence Committee]

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