Clippers Ticket Prices Plunge Following Sterling Controversy

It’s been a long road to respectability for the Los Angeles Clippers, from the worst team in (any) league to annual playoff contenders overshadowing the Lakers in the Staples Center. But owner Donald Sterling’s racist rant, which yesterday earned him a lifetime ban from the sport, is having a devastating effect on Clippers ticket prices, even as the team took the lead in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

According to BusinessWeek, double the usual amount of tickets were for remained for sale for Tuesday night’s game. The minimum price had fallen 27%, while the average ticket price had fallen from $680 to $250. Have a graph, via TicketSpry:

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One insider speculated that the drop came mostly from holders of high-priced (and high-visibility) seats blanching at being seen courtside, or those less than enthusiastic about showing off for corporate guests.

Those who did purchase tickets almost saw some drama: the Golden State Warriors had planned to walk off the court in protest had NBA Commissioner David Silver’s punishment of Sterling come up short.

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