CNN Commentator Slams Trump Supporter: He’s Had Three Wives, Cheated; You Call THAT Integrity?


CNN contributor Tara Setmayer, who in the past has never hidden her anti-Trump agenda, got into an impressive war of words with conservative commentator Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN Monday morning. I note “impressive” specifically to highlight Setmayer’s quotations from scripture off the top of her head in direct rebuttal to Hughes’ claims over the issue of Donald Trump‘s so-called war on woman.

The issue at hand was a simple one: how can Trump — the GOP frontrunner whose derisive rhetoric against woman in his past has sparked untold controversies on the campaign trail — be considered a role model to young women? Hughes proudly asserted that not only is Trump a positive leader for young females, but that she, in fact, would be taking her own eight-year-old niece to see Trump Tower because “I look at actions.”

“Wait a minute,” interjected CNN’s Carol Costello. “How do you explain to her these things that Donald Trump says about women?”

“Real simple!” Hughes asserted, resulting in a devastating eye roll from Setmayer. “Stick and stones may break my bones…” and, well, you know the rest. After she pointed out the business infrastructure of the Trump empire and the roles of women that he has put into his businesses (though she did not provide details), Hughes furthered, “THAT speaks a lot louder than any words spoken.”

Setmayer was having none of it. “No, absolutely not. In the Bible it says ‘the power of life and death is in your words’. OK? Words matter.” (I checked — she’s right. Proverbs 18:21) Then, as if one Biblical quote wasn’t enough Kryptonite to use against a supporter of the Two-Corinthians candidate, Setmayer continued,”‘Out of the abundance of your heart, so shall the mouth speak.'” (I checked again — Luke 6:45. Two points Setmayer.) “Words absolutely do matter. And to dismiss what someone has to say is completely disingenuous.”

And just when Hughes attempted to argue that Trump is the utmost representative of “integrity and character”, Setmayer went in for the kill. “Really? So the man has been married three times — who publicly shamed his wife when he was cheating on her with his mistress — that’s a man of integrity for you?”

Check. Mate.

“We get the picture,” referee Costello offered before ending the segment, as Setmayer beamed at her Biblical-themed romp and Hughes was left quietly picking up the pieces of yet another crushed pro-Trump cable news “argument.”

Watch the portion of the interview above from CNN.
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