Donald Trump on Why He Made Sexist Comments: ‘I Never Thought I Would Run For Office’

trump-12During an interview with Wisconsin talk radio host Charles Sykes, presidential candidate Donald Trump excused his history of sexist comments by saying he didn’t plan to run for office at the time.

In what turned out to be a very contentious interview, Sykes pointed out that Trump was doing very poorly in the polls among women. “A lot of this has to do with, let’s be honest about this, with conservative women who are repelled by your attitude and your treatment of women,” he argued.

Trump urged those women to examine his business record. “I’ve hired tremendous amount of women, women are in my highest executive positions, I pay women in many cases more than I pay men, which is more than most people can say.”

So why, despite all that, did he make the comments? “I’ve been a person that’s been in the entertainment business and a very big person in business and I’ve been quoted over the years by everybody… I became a celebrity,” he argued.

“Are the rules different for celebrities?” Sykes pressed. “Are celebrities allowed to insult women?”

“Well the rules aren’t different, but I never thought I would run for office,” Trump said. “And many people, Howard Stern would interview me and everybody would be having fun, and the women would be laughing.”

Listen above, via WMTJ.

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