CNN Debate Derails After Trump Surrogate Steve Cortes Claims Mueller Probe is Part of the Swamp


During a National Review podcast interview in April, CNN host Don Lemon said he “absolutely” thinks that some pro-Donald Trump guests who appear on his network do not believe what they’re saying on the air. After a New Day segment full of loony assertions, it’s hard to imagine Steve Cortes doesn’t belong in that category.

Cortes, the former head of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council, took the CNN morning show off the rails Friday when he made the claim that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is actually part of the “swamp’s” effort to undercut the president’s election.

“What the swamp is doing — and it’s very good at this — is it is mounting a massive campaign via the Mueller probe and via media to try to undermine our 2016 victory,” Cortes said. “Because the swamp is powerful, and it wants to reassert itself, and many Republicans are complicit in that nefarious effort to undo our election.”

Conservative commentator Tara Setmayer and CNN anchor John Berman were both perplexed by the comment.

“This is pretty unbelievable,” Setmayer said, visibly exasperated.

“Are you talking about the Federal prosecutors that just had [Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen plead guilty to illegal campaign finance violations under direction of the president to spend money in order to influence the election?” Berman asked. “Is that these Republicans who have somehow betrayed the 2016 election?”

Cortes said, “It absolutely is.”

From there, the Trump surrogate went on to claim that Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to offenses that weren’t actually crimes in order to get himself out of trouble.

“They looked at Michael Cohen, and they found a man who had committed very serious crimes totally unrelated to Donald Trump in terms of tax evasion and bank fraud,” Cortes said. “So what did they do? They squeezed him because he was faces decades in jail because of his own nefarious activities. And they said to him, ‘We have you in a corner, here’s the way out. You have to plead guilty to non-crimes.'”

“They’re crimes!” Setmayer said. “Stop this! They are crimes!”

“It is beyond irresponsible to suggest there is not a crime here,” Berman added.

No, really, this guy can’t possibly believe what he’s saying…right?


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