CNN Executive Trades Barbs With Ex-CNN Commentator: You’re ‘Shoveling Sh*t’ to ‘Score Cheap Points’


A senior CNN executive is throwing down with Buck Sexton — a former political commentator for the network — after the conservative pundit criticized the network’s coverage of the controversy over Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s (D-MA) ancestry.

The tete-a-tete began after the right-wing host of The Hill TV posted a critique of CNN’s reporting on Warren’s attempt to prove her Native American heritage. Warren’s claim has been a source of criticism for years, and this week, she opened herself to scrutiny again since her DNA test results say that her Native American ancestry might only amount to 1/1024.

Sexton’s tweet drew the attention of CNN vice president of communications Matt Dornic — who defended the network’s coverage while accusing Sexton of not actually reading the piece to which he linked.

And from there, the fight began in earnest:

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