CNN Laughs at Kellyanne Conway’s Explanation for ‘Nobody’ Talks About Clinton Remark


Chris Cuomo and New Day mocked Kellyanne Conway for her comment Wednesday night on CNN that President Donald Trump’s administration is not concerned with former opponent Hillary Clinton.

Conway, engaged in a pretty bitter spat with Cuomo, derided CNN for obsessing over the 2016 election as the anchor grilled her about the Trump-Russia investigation. When Cuomo accused the White House of being fixated on Clinton, Conway declared that “nobody here talks about her.”

And in a very Trumpian turn, the president decided to undermine his own staffer by tweeting about Clinton on Thursday morning, which inspired a mocking tweet from Cuomo:

Cuomo also addressed the tweet on air, joking that Trump talks about Clinton “all the time.”

Conway, never one to let a slight slide, responded on Twitter that her thought was incomplete, providing the following explanation for her remark (see if you can follow along):

CNN’s New Day, hosted by Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota, certainly couldn’t, and they reacted to Conway’s explanation with wordless mockery (watch above).

After pulling it together, Camerota claimed she has challenged Conway to have an interview where she doesn’t bring Clinton up, and “it was impossible.”

Watch above, via CNN.

UPDATE 7:55 a.m.: Conway is still going…

(Obvious point to make here: Conway can’t seem to distinguish between the ongoing special investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and the over-and-done-with face-off with Hillary Clinton.)

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