CNN President Jeff Zucker Attacks Fox News as ‘State-Run TV’


CNN president Jeff Zucker took aim at his network’s competitors in a Friday interview with New Yorker magazine’s weekly radio program. Zucker labeled Fox News “state-run TV” and contended that MSNBC “has become the opposition” to President Donald Trump.

He also predictably placed CNN as being in the center, asserting that the network was “seeing the truth.”

New Yorker editor David Remnick prompted Zucker for his take on the politics on the major cable news outlets. The CNN president, who once claimed that his network was “truly fair and balanced” in August 2016, replied with shots at Fox News and MSNBC.

After some hesitance, he said, “Certainly in prime time and in the morning, Fox is state-run TV, and is extolling the line out of the White House. MSNBC has become the opposition. And I think CNN is seeking the truth.”

Remnick wondered, “Do you think the other two networks are not broadcasting the truth?” His guest answered, “Well, I think that there are clear agendas at work at the other cable news networks depending on their political points of view.”

Zucker also criticized the term “fake news,” and used it as a jumping-off point to sing the praises of his profession:

“I think it’s an unfortunate phrase. I think we should all try to avoid it. I think it’s also dangerous and unfortunate that the President of the United States and the people around him would try and denigrate an institution like the media, which is one of the bedrocks of this country.”

Despite his attack on MSNBC, the CNN president singled out one program for praise: “Morning Joe does a good job.” Zucker also trumpeted the MSNBC morning show as “a good program” — though he still placed his network’s New Day ahead of it.

His remarks came days after he underlined that CNN wasn’t “interested” in bringing on Bill O’Reilly to their programming.

You can listen to full interview of Jeff Zucker in the audio above (the relevant part starts at the 12:10 mark), via the New Yorker Radio Hour.

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